Taking responsibility for what we do or do not do is a crucial step toward ethical living. If it's true that the only person over whom we have control of actions is ourselves, then it does matter what we, as individuals, do. You have the power to change to world. The nature of that change is completely up to You.

Greeting Friends.


I am a child of the Earth. My aim is to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained over the years of learning and practicing the design science of Permaculture. I offer short courses in Permaculture and its' related topics. 


I am currently a resident and member of the Landmatters Co-operative near Totnes in south west Devon, and run regular events and courses from this site.


My journey through this life is inspired by many men, women, plants and beasts, from whom I have gained and continue to receive insights which fuel my passions. 

Artwork by piandaoist